Who We Are

GIZZIM exists to mould the youth to become role models, mannered, well behaved, law abiding citizens who bring forth the issues affecting their community and come up with solutions to the problems. We are contributing to the bright future of Africa through changing lives.

Nothing can be further from the truth, these youths tend to be swayed by the negative environment that they find themselves in, the moment their mind are pre- occupied with a positive atmosphere and a relevant mindset, then they will engage themselves productively. Our photography studio will offer practical lessons as well as a safe space to conduct and further their photography knowledge.

Our objectives and outcomes

Our goal is to nurture a photography generation which is optimistic for a positive impact and one that derives an ideal surrounding from those that left a mark.


Founded in 2013, Gizzim is a network of photographers working with under- resourced young people to offer photography skills. Our photography curriculum combines the visual storytelling with digital application to equip our students.


We see ourselves as a progressive photography organization that is innovative and forward thinking as we provide the global happenings in one click.


Our mission is to provide a learning experience In front of the camera as well as priceless images that you will treasure and adore for a lifetime.

Components of our work

1) Short term photography training and pilot camps.
2) Intensive photography training programs.
3) Online courses and webinars.
4) Mentorship opportunities.
5) Photography practical tailored as competitive trials.
6) Opportunities to engage in photography exhibitions, festivals and conferences.

Our commitment

By being hands on, we provide learning resources that our beneficiaries can rise to the occasion by building on their creativity, respect to their peers and contributing to their growth and introducing fresh ideas and monitoring on their success.

Gizzim Photography (5)

What we do

Kenya plays host to 500,000 refugees both in the urban setting as well as in the refugee camps. Among these statistics are young refugees who yearn to express their gifts and talents in photography and that is where Gizzim comes in to tap into the talents of refugees and introduce them to photography.
Gizzim leverages the power of photography training and taps into their skills for growth and development.

Looking to the future

We offer free photography sessions to nurture our beneficiaries to become professional photographers. In the past we have graced numerous photography exhibitions and what we have have been able to show the world has been breath- taking.

The future is bright for these photographers because a while ago they seemed to have lost identities and a sense of belonging, but what we are witnessing now is a complete overhaul and a promising future.

Get involved

By choosing to be our client and purchasing a photo from our gallery then we prepare, frame and deliver it at our clients door step.

By creating a fundraising page where you rally your community to raise awareness on the empowerment of our beneficiaries with photography skills.

Apply to our 6 months photography training boot camp.